About the Work:


The work is organized in two main groups:  by date and by subject (or theme). This segregation is not mutually inclusive. Some works appear in both sections; others do not.


Each of the pages, listed in the menu on the left, presents a number of slideshows. Use the arrows to move through the slideshows; or, depending on your computer, you may find the return key more convenient.



“Cataloguing my life's work began in earnest around the time I turned sixty. This website is the result of that effort.  It does not purport to be any sort of catalogue raisonnée, but does attempt a broad reach backward and includes a large selection of informal & preparatory works, juvenilia, sketchbooks & studies.


The chronology is useful to observe development through maturation and lived experience; it also creates something of a visual biography. The thematic sortings show essentially the same thing but with a different focus. Many themes persist across the decades, expand in scope and show definite change over time.


Examining all the sketchbooks and studies helps me review my own process, and I have discovered many forgotten treasures. Wandering through the early work is quite revealing: I can sympathize with the naiveté of my younger self while unearthing the beginnings of important and enduring schemata. A thorough retrospective is useful at this point in any artist’s career. The future is now and time is more precious to a sixty-something than it is to someone just starting out. This collection is a labor of love, a true confession, a memoir, a katabasis and anabasis, a culmination of sorts. I expect it to be the springboard for what comes next.”